St.Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School

One of the greatest gift’s a child can receive is an opportunity to experience a continued growth through learning. Please consider allowing your child the chance to experience a high quality Christian-Catholic atmosphere flavored with Byzantine-Rite traditions. They will truly experience a memorable, once in a lifetime learning adventure.
Our Principal, Teachers and Staff await the opportunity to greet and welcome your child, or children, with open arms. You will not regret your decision of entrusting us with their education.
For further information, please contact the school office at (973) 779-0249. Please set up an appointment, we look forward to meeting with you.

SNUCS Family

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School, located in Passaic was established as an elementary, teaching institution in 1943 for the purpose of educating the whole child in a wholesome, Christian-Catholic atmosphere flavored with the Byzantine-Ukrainian Rite traditions. St. Nicholas School is under the direction of the Department of Education of Paterson and the Ukrainian Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Over 70 years of Christian Service has been provided by the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate.

Our Philosophy

“God created humans in His image; in the divine image He created them; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27)

There is within the school a concern to develop the human personality of each child in all its dimensions: spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, social and physical. To accomplish this, a variety of teaching methods and materials, which are appropriate to each child’s capabilities and relevant to his/her needs and interest are used. The greatest gift the child can receive from his/her school years is a love of and an enthusiasm for his/her continued growth through learning. Her/His experience within the classroom must prepare him/her to make value judgments, to constructively make decisions, great and small. She/He must, furthermore, learn to appreciate differing points of view in an attempt to understand, value and respect himself/herself and others. The qualified faculty and staff strive to further the Christian ideals nurtured in the home. It realizes the importance of the family.

We have an extended care program. Our After School Program is from 2:45-5:30 every scheduled school day. If you would like more information, please contact us.

We at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School, in teaching as Jesus did with love, care, and discipline, believe that all students are entitled to:
1) A safe and civil environment
2) A loving and caring environment
3) An environment that recognizes the individuality and dignity of each child
4) An environment that fosters life-giving relationships within the school community
A safe and civil environment in school is necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards. Bullying, along with harassment and intimidation, are violent behaviors that disrupt both a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate its students in a safe environment.
We at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School prohibit acts of harassment, intimidation, or bullying of any student, teacher, administrator, classroom aides, other school employees, or volunteers.
Expected Behavior of Students
All students are expected to act with integrity, civility, responsibility, and self- control. This expectation is directly related to our educational objectives for students to learn to be responsible for and accept the consequences of their behavior. Integrity, civility, responsibility, and self-control are necessary for establishing and maintaining a safe, orderly, and inviting environment.
Bullying Defined
Harassment, intimidation, or bullying means “any gesture or written, verbal, or physical act that is reasonably perceived as being motivated either by any actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or a mental, physical, or sensory handicap, or by any other distinguishing characteristic, that takes place on school property and/or at any other functions, on or off school property, that involve St. Nicholas students.”
Types of Bullying
1) Physical – hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, taking and/or damaging personal property, extorting money, blocking or impeding student movement, or unwelcome physical contact, including with thrown or foreign objects.
2) Psychological – name-calling, rumor-spreading (verbal/written/text messaging), gossip, manipulating social relationships/engaging in social exclusion/shunning or intimidation.
3) Verbal – taunting, malicious teasing, insulting, name-calling, or making threats.
4) Any form of abuse – (physical, emotional, ethnic, racial, or sexual advances)
5) Internet bullying – cyber-bullying
Reasons for Bullying
a. Feelingsofsuperiority
b. Feelings of inferiority
c. Familyproblems
d. Abuse at home
Prevention of Bullying
1. Parents and school community working together will promote a caring school community.
2. Children will be given the opportunity to discuss issues surrounding bullying.
3. Children will be taught conflict resolution.
4. Promote a “non-violent” policy in the home and local community.
5. Listen to and report any concerns regarding bullying so appropriate action can be taken.
6. Methods of dealing with and responding to bullying.
All members of our school community have the right and responsibility to report any known cases of bullying or negative social behaviors in order to keep our school safe. Everyone has the right to be respected; therefore, students who practice bullying need to know that it is unacceptable in school and must be reprimanded. This policy encourages all to be aware of bullying and to report it. Students, parents, teachers and staff, and school administration are encouraged to report and help prevent bullying from happening or continuing.

When God leads You to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only one of two things will happen;
either He'll catch you when You fall, or He'll teach You how to fly!"

Support Our School

Please ask your family and businesses to collect their cartridges for us. You can deposit them at the school or church.
Box Tops for Education Save and bring in your Box Tops or UPC labels from various food products.

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